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Seriously, read the community user info if you want to join this community.

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Smallville Search Community
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Read ALL of this before applying for membership or posting. You will NOT be approved for membership unless you have.

What is sv_inquiry and what is on-topic to post here?

So there's this story out there. You know Lex was writing on Clark with a permanent marker, but you don't know *who* wrote such majesty, and more importantly, you don't know *where* this story can be found.

Or you're looking for a particular genre of fiction (Club Clex! or Lex!As!President!), general fic recommendations, a community, a post someone made back in 2002 (or, hey, two days ago), and you're in dire need?

Post your hunts for fiction, pleas for recs, your searches for anything in the Smallville fandom, and your fellow community members will do their best to help you in your quest.

Anything not on topic will be deleted automatically by an annoyed moderator.

How can I become a member of this community?

You email svmadelyn AT yahoo.com AND/OR jenn AT thegateway.net and one of us will approve you. Don't send a PM through LJ.

What rules does this comm have?

1) This community is for Smallville related inquiries only; for all other fandoms, we recommend you check out the_rec_room.

2) NO BETA REQUESTS in this community.

I'm totally new to Smallville fandom. Or, I'm totally new to Livejournal. Help me!

If you're a newbie to the fandom (welcome!) and you're looking for some things to get you started, we'd recommend you start here, on newbieguide: Smallville Links, and then come to us if you've got further questions/more specific needs. Many other valuable communities and resources are linked directly on the comm page.

Other Useful Information:

There are lots of links in the community links section. The more relevant ones include: Smallville Timeline, sv_fanfic, sv_ledger

sv_inquiry is maintained by svmadelyn and seperis. Any comments or questions can be relayed to them.

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