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Bruce/Clark Alien biology

I am looking for a Bruce/Clark pairing. Clark is the bottom in the relationship until his Kryptonian biology causes trouble. Lex almost take advantage of him before Bruce saves him. He becomes submissive to any male that makes advances. The only way to fix it is for Bruce to be the bottom. Found familiar to anyone? Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance



OK, the last time worked out so well that u want to try another. The Fic I am look for has Clark making a late night phone call to Lex by accident, they end up being phone friends and Clarksville calls Lex whenever he has an issue with school or girls and Lex calls Clark whenever he feels like he it close to becoming his father, he calls Clark his Jiminy, as in Jiminy Cricket. At one point I think Lex gets Clark fireworks for graduation or prom or something. Once again any help would be greatly appreciated!

Looking for a FIC (or 12)

So, the one where both Jon and Martha catch the boys in flagrante delicto, as it were, ... probably first time as well. Any and all that fit this inquiry are welcome. :-)

Thank you thank you thank you (in advance)


Looking for a Fic

I have a vague search, in this Fic the meteor shower happens and Martha and John find Clark. Then John takes baby Clark to the field and the townspeople try to kil him. Because if this Martha leaves John. Flash forward a few years and Martha and Lional Luthor are married and John has married Nelll and they haves moved to metropolis. I remember that Lana starts dating Clark, but is all ends up being some sort of revenge plot thought up by Clark and Lex because Clark remembers John trying to kill him as a toddler.
Any help would be appreciated, in looking for this fiction my searches are to broad and u find nothing and it is really bothering me.

Looking for an episode

There is an episode in which Lex tries to convince Clark to tell him his secret, by revealing he has a meteor power of his own - self-healing ability.  I have been searching through episode summaries for the last hour with no success.  Does anyone have any idea which episode this happens in, or at the very least, what season?

Thank you in advance for any help!

Lex Does Shave (Kind of)

This is a tough one. Lex has to shave that little spot on his head where the lone tuft of red hair was on his head post meteor shower, you know, when he was an adorable little kid who threw rocks at birds? This is probably just a small detail in a larger story, which are pretty much all I read, but it totally could be a porny little ficlet. I don't remember. Good luck. I will be looking with you! Thanks in advance for your help.


Thank you capnzebbie!

Infinite Possibilities, by sabreshadowkat

Clex Collar Fic

Hi all -

I've been racking my brain the past couple of days for a Clex fic I read a long time ago. I don't remember many of the details of the story line, but I know the Clark and Lex were in a D/s relationship and Lex was collared. I remember at some point, they got into a major fight and Lex takes the collar and wraps it around his wrist and wears it under his shirt so that he would feel close to Clark in the midst of the fight. I remember this infuriated Clark even more and he said something about how Lex couldn't just come back with his collar and expect everything to be okay. They eventually made up. I know this is part of a larger series, but I've checked all the fandom classics and I just can't find it. Please let me know if this rings any bells!

Thank you!

Omar reviews TWOP

Sorry if this is off topic. I was thinking about how much I enjoyed Omar's TWOP reviews of Smallville. They made me laugh so hard. THey aren't up on the site anymore. :( Does anyone know of there is an alternative location or if it's available through one of those memory website links?

Looking for Clex story

I'm looking for a Clex story in which Clark is underage and involved with Lex. I remember it being quite long. Clark wants to go away with Lex for the summer, so Dick sets him up to work for the circus for the first week and last week of his summer break. The rest of the time Clark is with Lex out of the country.

I appreciate any help that you can give me.

lfs: the bachelor

Its driving me insane, but i amcertain that theres a clex fic involving one of them being 'The Bachelor'!!

It was in multiple parts and i have a horrible feeling it may have been in an early wave of clexfest, but anyone with any idea as to what im talking about, your assistance would be greatly appreciated