Clark and Lex discover online fandom.

I  am looking for an older fic, I am pretty certain it was posted to livejournal. It is post-rift, Clark is working at the Daily Planet and is waisting time and discovers an online forum about Superman/Lex, I think somehow Chloe turns him on to it. Then he discovers fanfic and winds up contacting Lex over it. At one point they reconcile and Clark uses a line from one of the online fanfics in public. I am fairly certain it was abandonned but the author stayed in the community. My googlefu has failed me on this one. It is well worth it if someone might know where it is.
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Clex Fic

If anyone is still listening :p I am looking for an old Clex fic in which Clark keeps saving Lex - once from an assassin Lex is about to have sex with, and it turns out Lex knew she had a syringe in her at the time. At some point, Bruce Wayne bugs Lex's place. Eventually there's a showdown with Rhas al Ghul.

Anyone know which fic this is?
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someone is looking for a smallville roswell crossover

I was looking through a few of the more recent posts, and it looks like svmadelyn and seperis, just like me, arent around that much anymore.
if you still see them around, pass on my apologies, didnt mean to step in, but here we go, if someone can help this new fan, that would be great:
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Can someone post this for me
Hi. U e been trying to join this group for a while but I guess no ones approved it. Anyway. Can someone post a new thread for me? I’ve been trying to find a fix I read a while back but can’t seem to find it.

Looking for a clex fic where Clark and lex get together. Then Clark gets visitors in the form of Michael and Max from Roswell. With them is a kryptonuan woman. Anyway Clark leaves the planet with the woman and is gone a while. Then comes back after fighting a war and is married with a kid. But the wife is presumably dead. But comes back later. Anyone know what this fic is called? Thanks.

Clark kidnapped fic?

Possibly called Without a Trace... I remember Clark was kidnapped I think for at least a few years. Lex finds him one day because he's reviewing surveillance footage and Clark looks right at the camera. Anyone have a location on this fic?

Fic Search: Clex, BDSM, Prostitute [found]

Soooo, Been a while, eh?

I have had this fic stuck in my head for a while and have been combing through rec lists to no avail. In this Clark ran away from home, he may or may not be on Red!k. He works as a prostitute and has a necklace with kryptonite in it. The necklace has a door that he can flick open with his tongue (this I remember VERY CLEARLY) and he holds it in his mouth as he is being fucked or worked over. If the pendant drops from his mouth that is his safe word. He never drops it. He has is a no limits sub.

I am pretty sure Lex finds him somehow? ANYWAYS. Fuck, just looking for this because it is driving me crazy. Thanks.


When I was Lost by Roxymissrose, found by her.

And yes, I rec this fic so hard.

Clex College - Smart!Clark Catatonic


I am looking for a Clex fanfiction where Clark becomes catatonic over his life. He stops responding to the world because he had to hide so much of who he is, like being a very intelligent person who can do well in school. In the story, he ends up getting a companion (a dog) to help with with his mental health condition. I believe the companion was Lex's idea.

I have been looking for this for ages, so I appreciate any help you gave give me. Thanks!

Clark/Lex/Bruce fic


I seem to be missing a link to a fic. I've recc'd it a lot, but now I'm missing it. It's a fic where Clark and Lex are kidnapped. The kidnappers use them against each other. They're tortured and they know about kryptonite? I think they might embed some in Clark's back? Clark and Lex actually manage to escape and steal a truck to make their way to Bruce. I remember the truck ride and the desperation to get there. Clark is badly affected by the torture and it takes him much longer to recover mentally. The story ends either with a lex or with the three of them together. Either way, Bruce plays a large part in their rescue and recovery.

I also think at some point Clark helps Bruce with capturing or containing a villain? Clark pretends to be a controlled something as part of a ploy? I hope I haven't mixed up multiple fics with this last bit.

Thank you for any help your able to offer.

clex college mpreg

Hi its my first time so please say if something is wrong
The story is about Clark being in college and getting pregnant ,his roommate thinks that he is gaining weight . he lost his conscious in the elevator and Chloe helps him till lex picks him up
That's all I can remember ,thank you for your efforts