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A fic featuring Lex/Lois and Clark/Lex

I have been wracking my brain googling for 2 days straight. No luck. I remember this story had Lex and Lois engaged. Clark is their roommate. At her bachelorette party her and Clark make out. He flies them to Lex and sexy times occur. Then some drama and Clark and Lex get together. Anybody know the title and author? I promise to bookmark it! :)

Looking for an old story

Someone I know on AO3 is looking for a story, and hasn't had any luck.  She has been waiting to get her membership accepted over here, but it hasn't happened, yet, so I thought I'd help her out.  This is her memory of the story she's looking for:

All I remember is Lex getting beaten and dumped in the Kent driveway (as a gift supposedly to Jonathan) after Jonathan had been shooting his mouth off at a local pub.

Does is ring any bells for any one here?
Superman battling large mechanical spider (?), impaled on rooftop (meta-doh), everyone thinks he's going to die, much angsting, Lex figures it out.

Reconciliation through near death experience fic.

Thanks in advance!

FOUND (even though I confused my insectoid species) By the incomparable anonymous. It's Triptych, by Aklani, with a bonus sequel: Tierce


Hello I need help finding a fic. Its Xmas themed Lex and his two sons run into the Kents at a xmas tree lot. From there, Clark fines out that Lex is freinds with Bruce W8ayne, Lex's children are Clark's and Lex's though genetics, and also Lex is being poisoned. Does anyone remeber this. it was part of the 2002-2004 Slash Xmas Advent. If you know fic please share. I would love to have it. 😋

Lex dying; Clex in prison

One more request (or two) :p I'm looking for a fic in which Lex goes to Clark because he's dying. It's very nasty. Clark takes Lex home to Smallville and Martha helps watch over him. Lex makes it through somehow. (I'm not talking about Ultimate; this is a longer, even gangster fic.) Does that sound at all familiar?

Also, my link to Unjust, a fic where Lex goes to prison and Clark goes too to save him, is broken. Does anyone know where I can still find this fic?
I'm looking for a fic I read oh so long ago in which Clark saves Lex while about to have sex with a woman who was going to poison him with a syringe. He and Lex hook up right then and there. Clark saves Lex several times more and this eventually leads to a relationship. Batman is around and confronts Clark about it.

Please someone tell me they remember this :p

ETA: It's Ulterior Motives by astolat
Hey guys,

So here's this story: I don't remember much but Clark and Lex are in Metropolis. Lex asks Clark out and Clark of course is ecstatic except that he has to keep the Superman a secret. However, things don't go well as Clark has to "leave" in the middle of the date 2-3 times. There's one scene where the two are making out at the Lex's penthouse and are really getting into it when Clark suddenly stops and says he has to go. Lex simply says go but waits up for him something. That's when Clark comes clean and the two talk it out.. i think.

Thanks so much,

Apologies in advance for my vagueness....

Its a futurefic, Lex has been buying an renovating beautiful properties across the global whilst running lex/luthorcorp - most of which were used by Clark as he travelled the world earning numerous university degrees.

Lex finally picks a property for himself, a house that would be the perfect home for him and clark....if Clark were in Metropolis for good...and if him and Clark were even together.

Clark comes home, looking even more like an Adonis than normal, uber tall and golden with long black hair right down his back, looking for a place to stay.

Sound Familiar to anyone?
Its driving me inSANE!!!

Lost Clex fic featuring gold fish.

All I can remember is Lex had this huge fish tank in his office filled with goldfish (infused with kryptonite?) and they ate people. Lucas was working in the building as well and wanted a fish tank too. Does anyone remember this it?
Hi all,

Been a long time, eh? I know this search is already on this page even but I am actually looking for two stories.

In one, Lex dies, or is presumed dead. Lex made Clark his heir and so he unexpectedly comes into a ton of money and responsibility. He allows a regent of sorts to take care of it. Meanwhile he gets his MBA so he can do justice to the biz. I feel as if there are two stories with fairly similar premise and in both of them, Lex comes back. Just wondering if anything here rings a bell. I swear though, I have done this search before... *roams the archives*


Edit: Thanks terrio! She found one!

In a Teacup, by MoiraiThanatoio